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  • Sport fitness has tremendous benefits for the physical academic and emotional health of children. It lower rates of obesity improve coordination increases vascular fitness, improves social & personal skill.

    Punefitlife is providing Kids Sport fitness program for improve their fitness Strength, Posture Endurance, Agility, Balance, Speed, Power Ball handling, Tumbling Rhythm & Jumping and more. Kids are like to play outdoor games but they are not ready physically and mentally due to body strength and fitness. our program works to Improves Immune System, Weight Management, Depression and Anxiety, Bones, Brain and Memory. Kids will ready for any outdoor game or sport activity after going through this program.

It Includes :

  • Learn Functional Movements and skills
  • Motor Development training
  • Health Related physical fitness
  • Sport specific fitness training
  • become faster and stronger
  • Improve their fitness
  • Have fun completing challenging workouts
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